With his second self-titled album, Ty Segall doesn’t stray from his glam-garage formula, something we can all be pleased about. Ty has always had an affinity for bringing two of the best 70s sub-genres to the fore of his music, but with his first release of 2017 he proves that his love for Marc Bolan and Sabbath might be getting closer to perfection.

With the help of the likes of Steve Albini and Mikal Cronin, Ty gives us his ninth studio album and his sixth for Drag City. Segall is playing Berlin’s Astra Kulturhaus on August 24th, 2017.

Fun facts: this album was released on my 28th birthday and Ty Segall will be playing Berlin on my mother’s 58th birthday. Alles gute mutti, Ty and I love you.

By Nolan Parker
5 months
Ty Segall

Ty Segall
Release date 27.01.2017