The post-punk leaning trio were born in 2008 on the Adriatic coast of Pesaro, Italy by Alessandro Costantini (vocalist/guitarist), Andrea Giometti (lead vocalist/bassist) and Alessandro Ferri (drums). In 2009, they gained notoriety with a handful of self-released singles and incessant touring. The trio followed up with the Summer, Jesus EP in 2011, growing their reputation for immediate and tightly wound live performances. For the past year, the trio have converted that immediacy from the stage into a proper studio, honing and fine-tuning the production on their debut album, Fate. Felte released the album November 11, 2013. While post-punk is the easy descriptor, Soviet Soviet’s lens of the genre is much wider, grabbing from coldwave, art punk and more, figuring out a way to make something fresh.


… is a band led by MQ Cho (???), formerly known as UHF (????), of which music was beloved by fans who enjoy shoegazing, dreampop music from Cocteau Twins, Slowdive to local bands like Misty Blue and Blue Dawn(????). It is comprised of the singer/song-writer MQ, guitarist Lee Pyung-gang(???) and drummer Jang Sunwoong(???). Their music can be categorized as Dream Pop, but some of their songs feel more like to belong in other genres like synth pop or even electronica. They made their debut with a single titled [Polaris] in August, 2015, which was followed by the second single [Woodstock] in October, same year. Their self-titled EP was released on January 12th, 2016, and is garnering attentions from media, fans and critics both domestic and worldwide.

Schmutz Berlin 17.05.2017

Soviet Soviet


Date 31.May.17 Past Show
Show Time 21:00   (Door Opens 20:00)
Price € 12,50
Venue ACUD Club
Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, Germany